Job Title: Fulfillment Specialist

Location: Camp Springs, MD/Telework


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  • Update and manage the USCIS Equipment Standards, based on approvals from the USCIS Change Management Processes.
  • Develop documentation for internal branch use for identifiable repeatable actions.
  • Provide technical analysis in support of DHS and USCIS equipment procurements.
  • Support the evolution of equipment and vendor services as DHS moves to more consolidated contracts at the DHS level.
  • Support USCIS OIT representatives on DHS working groups regarding equipment and service standards as coordinated in advance with the government.
  • Develop change requests to support revision of functional specifications and configuration details for USCIS approved equipment.
  • Develop internal tools and databases using SQL Server and Microsoft Access to support internal branch analysis.
  • Track specific tasks and performance metrics for weekly reporting.
  • Coordinate with DHS to define USCIS implementation of DHS wide software contracts.
  • Assist in the development of technical packages for modification of USCIS software contracts.
  • Supporting the resolution of IT service request issues from software orders.
  • Develop and update OIT internal tools for management of software contracts as the products on those contracts change.
  • Track issues related to vendor delivery of software and services, program execution, and required changes to standard contracts.



  • Associate’s Degree or higher and/or 5-15 years of experience.
  • ITIL Foundation certification preferred.
  • Experience with Microsoft Word – ability to develop and use style sheets, understanding the use of revision marking, Ability to create and maintain automated tables of contents and tables of figures, ability to use and create style sheets.
  • Experience with Microsoft Excel – ability to generate and maintain cross linked tables. Ability to create complex cascading formats, Ability to create pivot tables.
  • Experience Microsoft SharePoint 2010 and 2012.
  • Ability to apply critical thinking to all tasks and utilize operational experience to perform required services.



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