Job Title: IT Analyst

Location: Camp Springs, MD/Telework


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  • Work with field users to explain the USCIS hardware standards.
  • Assist end users and create technology documentation from user requests to include specifications, cost estimates, guidance on funding documentation, and justification for use in non-standard procurements.
  • Locate information from vendors on the types of equipment that matches the requirements of the end users, and where applicable locate device drivers for that equipment when needed.
  • Update USCIS tools to assist end users in identifying and placing standard equipment orders.
  • Coordinate with sites and vendors to develop details for complex equipment deliveries.
  • Coordinate details for deliveries to sites that include installation services.
  • On large, significant project orders: contact the vendor and ensure receipt of the Purchase Order, confirm date of shipment, and advanced shipment notification.
  • Contact the user post shipment and ensure that no issues were encountered.
  • Act as point of escalation for the field, review files and Purchase Order (PO), and work with vendor and user to resolve issues.
  • Provide customer training on requests for use of the hardware ordering system.
  • Coordinate with the customer to ensure that they have received their hardware with no exceptions. Respond to all customer complaints in a timely and professional manner.
  • Monitor and respond to all incoming requests (i.e. responsibility to manage the content of the mailbox for both the general e-mail inbox and group main phone line).



  • Associate’s Degree or higher and/or 5-15 years of experience.
  • ITIL Foundation certification preferred.
  • Experience with Microsoft Word – ability to develop and use style sheets, understanding the use of revision marking, Ability to create and maintain automated tables of contents and tables of figures, ability to use and create style sheets.
  • Experience with Microsoft Excel – ability to generate and maintain cross linked tables. Ability to create complex cascading formats, Ability to create pivot tables.


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